Congratulations to HTG’s 2017 Award Winners!

Congratulations to the following HTG award winners for 2017!   


Dept. of the Year – Support Center – led by Tammy Durmaz 

Team: Bonnie Gudmunson, Angelica Torres, Kara King, Regina Sanchez!

Employee of the Year – On-site – Cooper Prescott!

Employee of the Year – Off-site – Britt Bayers!

Rising Star of the YearElle Flynn!


These awards are so well deserved … thank you for all your hard work!

First Annual “Frog-Cademy Awards”

Both famous and infamous award winners took their walk of pride and mock shame to receive their special Frog-Cademy trophies…


Frog-Cademy Award Winners!


Attitude is Everything Award – most enthusiastic/positive attitude       – Myke!  

Posterior Polisher Award – employee who is biggest A** Kisser   – JR!

Top Snoop Dog Award – most up in everyone’s business    – GG!

Best-in-Drama Award – the biggest Drama Queen  – Kermit!

Call Avoidance Master Award  – most ingenious at avoiding answering calls   – EB!

Creative Listening Award – best at hearing only what they want to hear    – Kermit!

Printer Wizard Award – most likely standing at the printer when it breaks   – MK!

Kool Kat Poker Face Award – most Kool as a Kukumber under  Kermit stress  – Gina!

Mad Scientist Award – disguises genius tendencies in unique workspace   – C!

Ms./Mr. Congeniality Award – everyone’s friend & easy to get along with     – Slade!

TimeTraveler – most skilled at getting away with not entering his time   – BB!

TMI Award – phone voice is most audible & we can’t help but overhear     – DW!

Panic Button Award – record time between zero &  full-blown panic    – M!

Voluminous Vocalizer – one who is most um… never at a loss for words    – WZ!

 Thanks for being such great sports!

Happy Holidays to HTG’s Uh-mazing People!