E-Waste & Technology Recycling

HTGDid you know that over 41 million desktop and laptop computers are discarded each year in the United States? That’s 183 million pounds of trash, and 99% of this technology “waste” can be recycled.   E-waste is becoming a major concern as most of it contains materials that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. These materials should always be handled by a certified technology recycler that is consistently compliant with all environmental agency standards.

While knowledge of proper technology recycling methods has grown, so has the amount of e-waste. Technology is quickly becoming one of the largest waste streams in the United States, with only 26% of tech actually getting recycled.

This is where HTG Inc. comes in.  We don’t just recycle old computers and computer peripherals; we also refurbish and resell to the community.  We are a Certified Microsoft Refurbisher and HTG’s secure on site data wiping with strict adherence to all regulatory protocols, ensures your data never leaves the building.  Last year HTG recycled over 60 tons of used technological equipment, and refurbished another 15,000 items. Our mission is to make sure that no tech ends up in the landfill, with data security as the number one priority for all customers.   For more facts about technology recycling you can check out our infographic on e-waste.

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