HTG Inc. Experiences Explosive Growth in 2012

For HTG, Inc., 2012 was not just another sluggish year.  In fact, the Vancouver, Washington  technology integration firm saw record  revenue numbers.  With the expansion of new lines of business, more full-time employees and additional real estate to accommodate its growth, 2012 shines as a year to remember.   And according to recent projections, its future looks brighter still.

CEO, Kermit Macaulay recalls it like a recipe.  Start with a company move.  Gradually mix in the development of an international capability.  Add a sprinkle of new in-house talent and the final product was a thirty percent increase in revenue.

“These important changes positioned us well locally, nationally and now internationally as our project scalability has improved tremendously.   We are also taking on a greater variety of work across industries.”

Macaulay expressed relief that his small business was able to ride out the ups and downs of an unstable economy in recent years.

“We too experienced some tough circumstances and we all know of local small businesses that did not survive it.  We feel fortunate as the economy comes back to a place where small business can see profitability.  Starting 2013 with solid project commitments in the pipeline is a great thing.”

Macaulay said the recent new hires helped sustain the upswing in new contracts and kept HTG’s sudden growth manageable.

“It’s especially rewarding for us to be able to contribute our small piece in job creation numbers for Southwest Washington and we’re doing everything in our power to keep us on that trajectory.”

If HTG’s year can be used as an indicator, there is reason to hope that 2013 will be a banner year for small businesses like this across the region.