HTG, Inc. Receives International Award for Excellence in Global IT Support

The last week of 2012 was a good one for HTG, Inc.   The Vancouver, Washington based technology integration firm was recognized with an award for “Excellence in Global IT Support” at a ceremony in Portland, Oregon.  It was presented to company CEO Kermit Macaulay by an international client known as the one of the largest materials handling equipment manufacturers in the world. HTG is the first external vendor to be given the award, normally reserved for internal employees.

Macaulay stated, “It is an incredible honor and speaks volumes about our teams and their quality of work.  This award is for them.  The international arena was new for us last year so we are very proud of the results and appreciate the continued opportunities there.”

Providing IT support including product procurement, installation/change-outs, leasing management and ITIL3 Best Practices services in seven European countries presents its challenges, but Macaulay said the kinks were few.

“I think we established a seamless presence and gained valuable experience overseas, which gives our customers the added assurance that we can follow them wherever their business takes them. And in the global setting we have proven we can maintain the same high touch service and quality of work they normally experience on the domestic side.”

Earlier in the year brought  recognition on the domestic front.  Macaulay describes how the company had steadily expanded its core competencies in secure IT lifecycle asset management, and upgraded ITIL 3 certifications.  The outcome was recognition as one of the most thorough and robust HIPAA compliant practices in the business.

Macaulay continued, “The acknowledgment for excellence in Global IT support is something we can place next to our HIPAA compliance recognition.  It was a great way for everyone at HTG to finish out 2012 because now both our domestic and international teams have been recognized . . . that’s a great year for us.”

The expansion in several areas of core business necessitated relocation to larger facilities in Vancouver in January 2012; growing administrative, warehousing, shipping and configuration centers by over 13,000 square feet.  Subsequent contract awards and professional recognitions cemented the move as a wise one.  According to Macaulay, 2013 forecasting shows no sign of a slowdown.