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At Mobility Help Desk, our Mobility Bundles control costs, offload
expensive internal resources and simplify the complexity of mobile environments. This translates into a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to your organization.

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What We Do

The Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless connectivity continues to drive disruptive change in the marketplace and while the organizational benefits of wireless enabled devices are nothing short of transformational; its rapid rise and evolution is challenging even the most technically savvy organizations with unmanageable strains on both human and capital resources.

Few Good Options

Without clear roadmaps many organizations have found their mobile infrastructures have become operationally chaotic, bloated with cost overruns and extremely vulnerable to data security risks. Once attractive low cost “Bring your own device” strategies are proving untenable especially in light of ever-increasing compliance and security concerns. Moreover, as mobility continues to penetrate more deeply into business critical operations, it’s left many CIO’s wondering what’s next?

Our Eureka Moment

We have taken the emerging concept of Mobility-as-a-Service or MaaS and developed it into a comprehensive, high performance, end-to-end mobile ecosystem solutions suite that reduces the cost and complexity of designing, deploying, securing and managing enterprise level wireless and connected device strategies.

Complexity Made Simple

Fully embracing the Mobility of Things, we created our Mobile Ecosystems Solutions Suite that combines all of the necessary hardware, applications and help desk services required to enable robust enterprise level mobile initiatives that are so cost effective other options don’t even come close. Simply put we’ve created a way to provide the entire Mobile Ecosystem for a simple flat monthly fee per device. That’s right…a flat monthly fee per device.

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How it Works

Our Mobile Ecosystems Solutions Suite provides comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle services. Here’s how it works:

With thought leadership and deep mobile experience our first goal is to help you design a mobile ecosystem architecture perfectly tailored to meet your organizational objectives; from drawing board through final implementation our consultants will help you achieve best-in-class outcomes without the usual uncertainties and risks.

Once your customized Mobile Ecosystem architecture is designed, our team goes to work to procure all that’s needed including wireless carrier agreements, devices and accessories. Our exclusive single source solution set unburdens your employees, eliminates capital expenditures and standardizes your mobile environment.

During the next phase, our technicians blueprint and image the applications, security and compliance permissions on every device to your exact specifications. This best-in-class capability ensures both policy and performance continuity before the devices are shipped to ensure smooth deployment within your organization.

Once your Mobile Ecosystem is deployed our Always On monitoring and management processes proactively monitor and report on your wireless environment so your organization can focus on it’s business objectives, not the mobile ecosystem. End-users are fully supported too with 24/7 access to our U.S-based Mobility Help Desk personnel.

As your organization continues to grow in size and complexity Mobility Help Desk is fully equipped to scale with your business requirements beyond phones and tablets into other connected devices such as smart watches, laptops and machine-to-machine connections. In addition, our Mobile Ecosystem Solutions offer global reach without any degradation of capability or service. As your needs evolve our experienced team will be with you every step of the way from a global perspective.

Benefits E=MS2

Our out of the box Mobile Ecosystems Solutions Suite offers numerous benefits. Here’s our Top 10:

  1. Total Elimination of Mobile Device Capital Expenditures…that’s right none, we take this burden off your balance sheet.
  2. Standardization of Devices, Applications & Plans to enable operational effectiveness and increased productivity.
  3. Total Control of Mobility Costs, our flat fee structure takes all the uncertainty and risk out of your mobile strategy.
  4. Best-in-Class Security, our application, permission and security controls protect your vital data systems, period.
  5. Enables Human Resource, Data Breach, PCI and HIPAA Compliance, to mitigate risk factors and enforce critical policies.
  6. 24/7 Help Desk Services right here in America, to keep your employees moving forward without delay or frustration.
  7. Totally Scalable, Totally Global, so you can grow, expand and empower your organization wherever it goes.
  8. We’re a Single Source End-to End Mobility Provider, we take care of literally every aspect of your mobile ecosystem, not only is this a whole lot easier, it allows your business to stay focused on its business critical objectives.
  9. Always On Ecosystem Management our real time monitoring and reporting systems ensure best-in-class ecosystem performance.
  10. We’re on a Mission to become North America’s leading MaaS provider; we work with energy, enthusiasm and quick willingness to exceed expectations.


HTG’s Mobility Help Desk is also the first and only independent company to have received Apple Inc.’s coveted certification as an Apple Authorized Business Solution Provider, a relationship that powerfully enhances our end-to-end capabilities.

  • Provide a world-class Help Desk experience for our partners and their clients.



Today, enterprises are challenged with the high cost, labor intensive and increasingly complex nature of their mobility environment. The high cost is driven by unpredictable operating expenses (due to international roaming, data overages, etc.), large CAPEX outlays for device replacement and upgrades, and the multitude of required accessories. The labor intensity is often caused by lack of standardardization, disparate allocation processes, multiple carrier invoicing procedures, the scarcity of internal resources and their inability to stay current. The complexity of a mobile environment has its roots in the rapid change of technology, proliferation of carrier plan options and the increased requirement to have mobility applications accelerate business performance.


  • Lower TCO
  • No CAPEX Outlays
  • Minimal FTE’s Required
  • Increased Security Measures
  • Single Point of Contact


  • New Mobile Devices
  • Custom Device Imaging
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Wireless Carrier Connectivity
  • Help Desk Support


At Mobility Help Desk, our Mobility Bundles control costs, ooad expensive internal resources and simplify the complexity of mobile environments. This translates into a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to your organization. We provide comprehensive mobility ecosystems that deliver immediate, predictable and sustained results by optimizing and managing mobility devices and their usage worldwide. We take the multiple, complex and disparate moving parts involved in your mobility environment and transform them into a simplified, transparent and newly streamlined process.


We eliminate CAPEX requirements by including device replacement and upgrades in our Mobility Bundles, converting the spikes of CAPEX outlays into low, consistent operating expense. By utilizing new device standards, a automated allocation process with a single invoice and an experienced, dedicated, client support team, our clients substantially reduce the need for internal resources to be focused on mobility. Many of our clients reallocate internal resources to functions more core to their business. This results in higher productivity and more satisfied associates.