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The simple truth about whether or not to have an optimized security state is this:  There are no guarantees but you can minimize risk and optimize protection from data breaches and crippling noncompliance costs with on-going C-Suite education from those at the front-lines of the cybersecurity wars.

These useful webinars provided by CISO, Jim Foote, are quick, informative and entertaining.  Sign up now to keep informed and better protect your business, clients, and reputation from increasingly ingenious cyber-attacks.

Security Webinar

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Quarterly Security Webinar

HTG’s security expert and resident CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Jim Foote regularly covers a wide variety of C-Suite level security topics including:


  • 5 Simple Steps Every Company Should Take to Improve their Security
  • Complexities of Data Security in the C-Suite
  • How to Assess your Current Security State
  • Security Gaps 101 – Find them and Fix Them Now
  • Are you Putting your Customers at Risk?
  • Layers of Defense
  • Security in Every Phase of IT Lifecycle Management
  • Security Policies and Breach Response

Need a customized security educational event brought to your team?  Contact our CISO Jim Foote, for a private consultation now.