Time to Celebrate and Reflect at HTG

employeeoftheyearawardIt’s been an unprecedented year in the history at this company, so it’s time for a little celebration and reflection.  Autumn months through early December brought lots of reasons to celebrate.  We were honored with Industry awards, and got silly with Halloween, staff birthdays and Thanksgiving. On Friday, our year’s successes culminated in the form of HTG’s food bank drive and our annual holiday party at the Hilton Convention Center (see more pics on FB and Twitter)

Three industry awards in Spring and late Fall  were major highlights for us in 2014 and symbolized another leap forward for #HTG.  The feeling in the air is one of “we’ve arrived”.  We’ve taken a respectable place within the ranks of a highly competitive, large group of IT companies nationwide and, frankly, that just feels good.

At the risk of sounding trite, it has to be stated that a company is only as successful as its people.  This could not be more true for us this year.   HTG teams have more than risen to the occasion time and again as they took on increasingly complex projects and scaled accordingly to meet challenging requirements.  Procurement, Asset Retirement, Engineering and Field Service Teams were engaged in myriad new ways, embracing steep learning curves and increased workloads.  Work hard, play hard seems to be our prevailing culture…

Seeing the teams gel in a firestorm of productivity and creativity was gratifying this past year.  Managers are walking taller with humble gratitude for every member of their dedicated teams.  We take pride in our agility, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t experience a lot of growing pains this year.   And now there is a moment to reflect, it’s safe to say the sense of personal and professional accomplishment (proof positive in a happy customer base) made the bumps in the road worth navigating.

So, a hearty congratulatory shoutout to our in-house award winners for 2014:

  • Employee of the Year, Tammy!
  • Department of the Year – Asset Retirement Team! (Phuong, Chandra, Eric & Othos)
  • Project of the Year – Field Services Team! (Bonnie, Johnny, Deon & Derek)
  • Game Changer – Glenn!
  • Salesperson of the Year – Darrell!
  • Rising Star – Evan Burt!

Here’s to a job well done and an even better 2015!  You ROCK!!

HTG award_lenovo