Consolidation and Relocation with New Network – for Educational company


A local educational institution wanted to re-brand and refresh its old technology. It was also necessary to move and consolidate their offices. The technical refresh plans required all new servers and desktop computers. They needed to migrate the Active Directory and SQL Server environments to a new platform. All hardware and OS versions were to be installed and the new virtual servers set up. The network upgrade required Microsoft Windows 7, which had not yet been released.

A server room was under construction so the network upgrade work needed to be coordinated with low voltage and furniture vendors. The move itself required several months of coordination with a leasing company project manager and onsite coordination with a moving and storage company.

Approximately 200 systems consisting of servers, desktops and printers needed to be retired and disposed of responsibly.


HTG provided cost-competitive HP servers and desktops, along with migration assistance and configuration, installation and asset retirement services. The new servers were configured with software products including Exchange, SQL, Anti-Virus and Instant Messaging.

  • All systems were prepared for an automated install, configured with Windows 7.
  • New computers were imaged, validated and added to the new domain.
  • A mail server was installed and mail was migrated to individual user files.
  • Old desktops, servers and printers were removed and wiped clean of data.
  • Asset tags for all systems and a tracking system were designed and supplied.
  • Residual values were found for saleable parts and used systems.
  • Others were recycled and assigned certificates of environmental completion.
  • Documentation was created for all processes.


HTG surpassed client expectations:

  • All equipment was ready for use before it was required.
  • Technical challenges were met and overcome in time to meet deadlines.
  • All aspects of the project were completed on time.
  • Unexpected residual value of the used equipment and parts returned over $4000 dollars to the client.
  • The customer was extremely pleased and they have retained HTG for regular, ongoing technical reviews and onsite support.

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