Major Call Center Upgrades


This international telecommunications company operated 22 call centers across the USA, all of which required an MS Windows XP upgrade. After initial consultation, it was determined that it was more efficient to upgrade the CPUs and monitors at the same time. This meant replacing 17-inch CRTs in small cubicles with flat screen monitors. In addition to easing stress on end user eyes, the result would see significant savings in space requirements and energy use.

The call centers operate 24/7. The project required accommodation around shift changes and at other times as desks became available. The customer expected project completion quickly, in less than three days per 1,000 unit call center. At that time, the company was also incurring a $20 per system fee for asset disposal and recycling. Finally, as their current vendor did not remove data from systems prior to collection and shipment, there remained significant concern about the potential for compromising customer data.


HTG provided a Senior Project Manager, a Senior Technical Lead, and from six to eight Level One technicians at each call center. The call center manager provided the available time slots for empty desks and selected the hours between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. for asset deployment. HTG performed the following tasks:

Coordinated with the computer vendor to arrive onsite for the receipt, unloading and counting of all assets to be deployed. Any damage was noted on the bill of lading and the vendor was notified for any short shipments or damage.

  • Unpacked and recycled cardboard and Styrofoam from 1000 desktops and flat screen monitors.
  • Consolidated Microsoft license information.
  • Captured new information with a bar code scanner and imaged each computer.
  • Uninstalled existing systems, removed peripherals and wiped data.
  • Installed new systems, added them to the domain, installed printers, and performed
    operational tests.
  • Scanned and tracked asset tags and serial numbers of all systems. Recorded information in data file.
  • Packed and palletized retired systems for shipment.


  • A 1000 unit upgrade was completed in three nights with a minimum of disruption to ongoing call center activities.
  • Factoring in the recovery value from used assets, the install price was reduced by $14,000 per call center.

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