Data Center Relocation


A large national daycare provider had one data center located in Vancouver, Washington and another in Portland. In order to reduce system management costs and improve up time and server availability, they decided to relocate these data centers to a co-location facility in Portland. Their current vendor was also charging in excess of $250/hour for server relocation, a fee that they felt that this was too expensive. In addition, much of the equipment was obsolete and needed to be removed. This required environmental disposal, compliance certificates and documentation for the release of liability.


HTG met with the customer to determine the move schedule and concluded that a phased approach would be best. HTG performed the following tasks:

  • Provided four technical personnel for the hardware removal
  • Supplied a hydraulic server liftjack
  • HTG’s technical staff safely shut down and removed the servers
  • Transferred the equipment to a secure, air-ride truck to prevent excessive shaking during the
  • Reinstalled the servers, connected the cables and necessary cable management and ensured
    that they were on line and in 100% working order
  • Disposed of obsolete equipment to EPA environmental standards


HTG was able to:

  • Save the customer a significant amount of money compared to hardware manufacturers’ bids
  • Demonstrate significant flexibility as to schedule and schedule changes when requested
  • Salvage valuable components and recycle the bare metal from the obsolete equipment to offset costs
  • Provide the necessary certificates and documentation for the release of liability to the customer

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