End of Life for Division of US Military

The Challenge

A division of the US military disposed of their end of life computers solely via a donation system. Recently reduced in-house budgetary requirements made asset recovery value (ARV) a new priority. Limited warehouse space for storage complicated the issue as this branch began updating 1000 laptops, 600 desktops and 75 file servers with a fast approaching end date of December 2009.

The Solution

HTG, Inc. dispatched an inventory and packing team to the client’s site in Virginia to prepare for shipment all retired assets in their warehouse. This consisted of 100 desktops, 230 laptops, 20 file servers 250 PDA’s and 56 Flat screen monitors. HTG arranged for pick up and transportation to its wiping and recycling facility in Vancouver, WA. All equipment was powered on and fixed disk media was wiped as per DOD specifications. All non-functioning hardware was parted out through HTG’s client specific component level disassembly process and thoroughly inventoried to locate as many sellable units as possible. This process ensured the resale of components, the recycling of all non-functional equipment and maximized asset recovery value.

The Results

HTG was able to:

  • Provide a detailed documentation system for inventory, wiping and chain of custody management
  • Resell assets with a revenue return of $16,000 directly to the client
  • Establish a secure and efficient process for just in time pickups for retiring equipment, thereby significantly reducing the space challenge inside the client warehouse

icon2 Download the pdf of Case Study: Customizing Services for End-of-Life Solutions: A division of the US Military