End of Life for Beverage Company


A giant in the beverage industry was dissatisfied with the price offered for their retired laptops. Low residual values and delayed payments (frequently over 90 days) had become the norm. Packing and moving the units took four to six hours, occupying the conference room for extended periods and causing numerous noise complaints. Employee productivity was affected and slowed. After-hours loading dock pickups were causing overtime costs to reach unacceptable levels.


HTG resolved the issues in several ways. To reduce disruption and noise, a team of three hand- packed the systems with low noise tools using HTG’s “Wipe on Site” process that thoroughly deletes all data before any equipment leaves the premises. Boxes were hand-trucked out a side entrance instead of through the loading dock. Time to completion was reduced from four-to-six hours to less than an hour and a half. 100% higher residual value was found for the equipment and the client was paid within 10 days.

This comprehensive, tightly controlled process covered everything from logistics and data security to the de-manufacturing and recycling of materials. HTG provided all certificates of completion and liability waivers. In addition, HTG ensured compliance with Department of Defense and HIPPA standards.


A customized end-of-life solution was created for the customer. HTG was able to:

  • Double the cash return for the customer
  • Significantly decrease office disruption
  • Reduce project duration by two thirds
  • Eliminate unnecessary overtime
  • Provide control, security, and confidence in the process
  • Issue payments to the customer in 10 days instead of 90

More than merely satisfied, this customer continues to use the services of HTG and is a frequent business reference.

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