Customizing Services for Site Shutdown


Prior to its purchase by Nokia, this customer was the largest music upload/download facility in the U.S. They were responsible for protecting the entire collection of EMI records. In a large customized facility in Seattle, Washington, they maintained a fully equipped audio/video production studio.

Following the merger, the customer was ordered to close its facilities, while its subsidiary moved to a new location. Four executive staff remained to handle the daunting task of dismantling, removing, and recycling all IT equipment and furniture occupying 50,000 square feet. The facility’s unique modifications were to be removed in less than 90 days in order to turn the property over to the landlord in its original state. The work was to be performed with minimum disruption to remaining executives.


HTG displayed unique agility with the “one-stop-shop” project model for equipment liquidation, asset disposal and site remodeling work. The project was divided into three categories:

1. Audio/video asset removal and resale
2. IT and furniture removal, recycling and resale
3. Facilities renovation

HTG provided a full-time project liquidation manager for furniture and equipment disposal. In addition, a full-time facilities contract manager was assigned for all site rehab work, to ensure the facility was returned to the landlord in “broom clean” condition. HTG subsequently:

  • Supervised the dismantling, packing, inventory and removal of the entire audio/video production facility
  • Secured a single buyer for specialized digital audio/video production equipment
  • Inventoried all IT equipment and assessed the working condition of each piece
  • Wiped data from hard disks on 2000 IU servers and performed component level disassembly of
    all system components
  • Disassembled and removed 240 full-height computer racks and separated the metals
  • Arranged for a scrap metal dealer to recycle various metals; degaussed, sold and recycled over 8000 DLT data tapes
  • Advertised and performed a complete furniture, cubicle and office supplies liquidation sale
  • Met with landlord daily to ensure that all facility site work was performed in accordance with the leasing contract
  • Provided crane removal of six 96” satellite dishes from the rooftop and did the necessary repairs for a watertight result
  • Removed and recycled over eight miles of cable in sub-floors to Washington State building code

icon2Case Study: Customizing Services in Remote Site Shut Down