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technology deployments

Technology where you need it — on time and ready to go is more than a project challenge. It can make or break your short-term business goals. We get that. And since 1996 it has provided the focus for every step we make in even the most complex nationwide deployments.

Zero Touch Deployments Separate us from the Rest. As early adopters we eagerly embrace innovations and continually employ them to keep our best practices fresh. “Zero Touch” deployments – using our own Systems Integration Center for imaging and scripting – help new systems to be faster ready for plug and play. This is how we consistently complete end-to-end deployments in one-third of the time frequently estimated by our competitors.

Your LCD Single Source Advantage. As a single source provider, we and our clients can take advantage of increased economies of scale. This means, with our “Lowest Common Denominator” (LCD) process, we significantly decrease install time & cost per unit as well as chance for error. It’s how we provide qualified resources at lowest costs for procuring and deploying your technology solutions.

Scaling to Get the Job Done on your Terms. With our in house and nationwide network of experienced, vetted and certified IT engineers and technicians, you will have specialized staff at the right place, at the right time and implementing at the right pace. In other words, your schedule comes first, rather than what is oftentimes dictated by the vendor. Our decades-long loyal customers can attest to that.

Timing is critical.  That’s why we perform imaging, asset tagging, assembly, integration and testing at our facility before the deployment. After that, we deliver it to you “just in time” (J-I-T) for a smooth, painless installation with minimal onsite disruption. Reduce your overhead with our J-I-T warehousing options at facilities nationwide.

Security, Security, Did we say Security? It goes without saying that our deployment solutions are driven to overcome risk and compliance challenges. Just one example, to fill any gaps in our customers’ life cycle management system and data security, a tracking software is added to all devices before leaving our facility. This provides customers the ability to track, remediate, and recover lost systems.

Know your Customer. A cliché perhaps but it holds true in the industry. Our “high-touch” culture means we actually spend time with our clients and do our homework.  With thorough project planning – and best in class resources that comes from a quarter century in the industry— we work with you to scope the project, employing your protocols and language to create right-fit efficiencies. Take chance and error out of the mix. Along with our proprietary kitting and centralized labor processes you’ll see increased accuracy that drives down your costs.

At HTG, the result is a simpler, hassle-free end-to-end deployment experience with a single point of contact and single source accountability. This saves you time up front in addition to eliminating critical communication gaps that frequently occur with multiple vendors.

If you want a technology deployment that’s on time and on budget and takes the war room out of your office, contact us now.