OS Migrations

You may have heard OS upgrades or migrations variously described as daunting, hair-raising, and sometimes even career destroying, and now and again relatively painless. We strive for the latter and have a several decade track record of doing just that, so our customers are the heroes, not the zeros. Migrating operating systems is undoubtedly challenging and success is vital for any organization. We get that and with 30 years of process refinement under our belts along with our best of breed automated deployment and configuration systems, we have reduced error to an infinitesimal level.

We Know Understanding of Client Environment is Key. OS migrations can involve many variables. We know how to seamlessly accomplish an efficient, cost effective deep dive in to your core environment so there are no surprises. Conducting a detailed assessment is not only for purposes of a pain-free and positive outcome but to create a baseline from which to plan the project, document progress and measure success. A strong site survey will also provide a detailed and clear inventory of all hardware and software to be impacted or touched in any way.

We Work Smart. Right-fit is our goal. That is, ensuring our customers receive right-fit technology taking in to account your goals, end-user requirements, performance needs and budgetary bottom lines. Our end-to-end automated managed deployment and systems integration solutions are key components to accomplishing that goal on time and on budget.

We know the enemy. Whether it’s NTP, DNS and IP addresses, SSH and secure admin connectivity, Firewall security policy and/or defining access for users and groups, we know all the potential pitfalls associated with OS deployments. And depending upon how well one navigates said treacherous waters, can make or break a successful migration.

You set the Bar. Your goal may be to improve security, or to standardize platforms or naming conventions, virtualize your apps or just create a stronger foundation for the application stack, boost end user productivity or simplify overall management across environments. Regardless, you set the bar; we ensure the standards are met and goals achieved.

OS Migration Services include but are not limited to:

  • Field Dispatch/deployment scheduling
  • Loading correct image and applications and migrating each unique user data
  • Staging & kitting either on-site or off-site
  • Automated deployment & integration processes
  • Triple testing prior to deployment
  • Call Center & Helpdesk Support
  • Clearly documented sign-off process to ensure all expectations have been met or exceeded
  • Complete turnover of asset documentation and signed agreements for ongoing lifecycle management

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