Kiosk Deployments

Kiosk deployments can present myriad challenges in distribution logistics and install process. For twenty years HTG has been dedicated to nationwide technology deployments and has developed the expertise to create product specific programs. We focus on building rapid kiosk deployment strategies geared toward quality implementation, detailed process integration, knowledge transfer and day-to-day operations.

Experience: Benefit From Our Scar Tissue

We have experience bringing new products and services to market. From demonstrating the value of single day store deployments for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world to the development and deployment of self-service lockers for the world’s largest on-line retailer, our trial and error scar tissue is an incalculable asset to our customers.

Implementation: Wiping out the Variables That Lead to Unpredictable Results

Many aspects of product installs can be unpredictable. You will benefit from
our lessons learned as we implement best practices that remove some of the
variability intrinsic to new product implementation.

HTG has extensive experience in each of the following areas of implementation:

  • Digital inventory and reporting
  • Warehousing
  • Hardware integration
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Packaging
  • Logistics management
  • Point to point shipment management
  • Shipping and insurance claims handling
  • Physical site survey, including cellular signal qualification

Support: The Proactive Way

When all the hard work of developing and deploying your kiosk is done, HTG can provide ongoing support services to ensure your self-service units remain consistently operational. You’ll benefit from our existing relationships with service providers along with our in-house tools and expertise.

Having made thousands of kiosk service calls we have developed a body of knowledge that clearly identifies the common service events that increase operational and support costs. Our end-to-end lifecycle experience, combined with our knowledge of M2M wireless network solutions, ensures proactive support that keeps you a step ahead of the most common pitfalls. HTG has comprehensive programs in the following support areas:

  • Mobility wireless solutions
  • Supplying connectivity devices, provisioning the wireless connection
  • Real time network monitoring and system performance
  • Track usage statistics, device status, and monitor network alerts remotely
  • Services available to simplify wireless installations and support
  • Remote reboot capability of the entire kiosk, not just the operating system
  • Field Services
  • Develop and maintain in-country support technicians
  • Establish replacement parts supply process
  • Create and deliver training materials and technician program
  • Maintain service portal to manage event dispatch and resolution

Finance Solutions: Entire Program Cost in Single Monthly Payment!

Business credit preservation is a key aspect of our Product Lifecycle Management Plan. Keeping the business credit line healthy enables future funding for business expansion, staffing and other operational expenses. Having an open credit line allows you to respond immediately in a time of need. Equipment leasing lets you keep your business credit line open and strengthen the cash flow.

HTG can help design a lease around your specific equipment needs and budget, allowing you to make predictable and affordable monthly payments over time. Additionally, costs associated with integration and support can be included in leases which means the entire program cost can be contained in a single monthly payment. These lease strategies offer advantages that are often overlooked, such as reducing business risk and improving your financial flexibility.

We look forward to discussing with you how our end-to-end kiosk solutions can start benefiting you right away. Call us today.