Technology Deployments – White Glove

Many of HTG’s clients have environments that are not conducive for receiving products such as busy retail spaces or busy education/daycare environments. Other clients just do not have a facility to receive the product when it comes time for installation. To address these customer challenges, HTG offers a White Glove Delivery Service for hardware replacements and for Hot Spares Management.

How does White Glove Service work? Instead of shipping products to your facility HTG ships them in-market to our local technicians. Our local technicians then bring the product with them to your site. This service ensures zero inventory shrinkage and eliminates the cumbersome receiving process that can be complicated and time consuming for our customers accepting the hardware.

Further, HTG can also perform White Glove Reverse Logistics and remove all your existing items that need to be retired, providing all required documentation and ensuring all ITAD compliance regulations are met.