Customizing Solutions for End of Life Services


A large, international financial institution had been unsuccessful in its efforts obtain recovery value for 350 servers that were nearing the end of their life cycle. The previous retirement broker had determined that there was none available, because the servers were highly non-standard Intel and AMD based. They contacted their hardware vendor and were referred to HTG Inc. for a second opinion.


HTG requested that samples of each type of server be sent to its recycling facility to determine if any value could be found in component level disassembly. It was discovered that the memory, processors and power-supplies were, in fact, salvageable and resalable. An interested buyer was located, at which time HTG dispatched packers with packaging materials to work onsite. They moved, inventoried and palletized the servers for shipment, utilizing an HTG system designed for minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.


HTG was able to:

  • Turn a total loss and expense into a profit for the client
  • Inventory, pack and load 350 servers with a minimum office disruption
  • Salvage valuable components and recycle the bare metal
  • Locate a buyer for the components
  • Recover in excess of $10,000 for the customer

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