Data Center / Infrastructure

Local or remote, allocating right-fit solutions in connectivity, automation and storage

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Data Center / Infrastructure

HTG has been assisting organizations with their datacenter environment for many years utilizing the evolution of technology and monitoring market trends. We helped with early implementations of virtualization which is now commonplace and partnered with customers to centralize and virtualize storage. Now we are assisting organizations with the cloud revolution and how that applies or does not apply to datacenter designs. In automation and orchestration, HTG will partner with you on your datacenter solution for the long haul to ensure ease in manageability. Our solutions and services include but are not limited to the following:


  • High Performance
  • OpenStack Solutions
  • Local and Remote
  • Virtualized


  • Small to Enterprise Systems
  • Management


  • VMWare, MS, KVM


  • Intelligent and Secure Connectivity

Business Continuity

  • Achieving the 9s
  • Recovering from service interruptions

Networking Solutions

  • Network management, monitoring, and optimization
  • Intelligent network integration combining disparate solutions into a single platform
  • Industry focused solutions
  • BYOD integration

Networks are becoming more complex and easier to manage at the same time. Whether you want to implement a Software Defined Network (SDN) or a traditional network, visibility and controls are still constant issues requiring attention and skill. Many products and solutions are available for networking, but determining the best fit for your organization is an HTG core competency. Specifically, offerings include:


Intelligent Connectivity


Mobility Support
Location Services
BYOD Integration

Telco Optimization

Most organizations are able to get more bandwidth for less cost, let us help


Old to New
Location or datacenter changes


Security is a component incorporated into the DNA of a solution. We assist with traditional components such as firewalls, threat detection/defense, filtering, etc., as well as:

  • Solutions for DDoS mitigation
  • Overall security architectures and operations
  • Managed security services and monitoring solutions
  • Regulatory compliance

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Perimeter, DC, Virtualized

Threat Detection

Intelligent Visibility
Isolate and Respond


HTG works with voice, video, mobile device, and if desired, assisting with their presence in a managed enterprise solution. With greater numbers of employees now working remotely, it is has become increasingly important to provide and manage the technologies to meet off-site workforce requirements.

Consider HTG to sensibly and cohesively implement your communication vision including:

  • Video and voice communication
  • On-premise or managed voice solutions
  • Conferencing solutions with optional video
  • Unified messaging
  • Web collaboration
  • Instant messaging/presence
  • Business class video


HTG is a partner that can help provide clarity for your organization. We can assist with an on premise private cloud, a hosted solution, or a combination of both.

Partnering with HTG to determine the correct cloud solution is a critical first step. From startup to large enterprise we scale to construct a best fit solution.
Get the following questions answered now:

  • What are my top cloud security considerations?
  • Which cloud provider is best for my company and is it cost effective?
  • Cloud integration?
  • Private or public cloud for deployment?