Customizing IT Warehousing to Fund IT Staff Augmentation

The Challenge

HTG provides warehousing and distribution logistics services for a large hospital in the Pacific Northwest. After a project completion in 2015, excess inventory involving a previous project remained warehoused with HTG. When all projects were complete the customer did not know what to do with some remaining unused IT assets so they enlisted HTG to develop a strategy for utilization to meet the customer’s internal IT budget requirements.

The Solution

HTG reviewed its detailed inventory of each item still warehoused. Additionally, the hospital still had rooms of equipment that had been unboxed by the customer and not deployed for prior projects.  HTG provided on site inventory and condition reports for all of it. HTG then created an estimate of residual value for the assets, and remarketed the assets using HTG’s ITAD team, creating a three hundred thousand dollar credit on account for future use, eliminating a budget short fall they had for the remainder of the year.

The Results

This solution allowed our customer to allocate this credit to help fund professional engineering staff augmentation where there would have otherwise been a shortfall before the new budgets were approved for the following year.

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