IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

When it is time to replace broken, aging, obsolete or unused technology, HTG provides cost saving customized options for the disposition of your retiring equipment. Our regulatory compliant data eradication, Microsoft Certified Refurbish & redeployment teams are all data security driven operations without a single breach in almost twenty years.

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IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition Services

Decommissioning and retiring End-of-Life and surplus IT is now generally referred to as IT Asset Disposition or ITAD. It typically involves reverse logistics, data erasure, refurbishing and remarketing to recover residual value, as well as e-waste recycling. HTG’s approach is to work with our clients from the onset to develop solutions that are highly secure and meet all regulatory requirements. Not just for PCs but for every technology platform, including the data center, networking, storage, telecom, office and mobile.

 The result: simple, secure and sustainable ITAD services that provides peace of mind.

ITAD - map of warehouse locations

Not only can HTG’s ITAD services help you dispose of your end-of-life decommissioned IT assets through refurbishment and resale, we can simplify and manage end-of-lease returns, as well as ensure highly detailed chain of custody tracking and documentation.

Our regulatory compliant systems are specifically designed to help our clients:

  • Eliminate client exposure to data security breaches
  • Ensure full legal compliance with every industry-relevant regulatory entity
  • Decrease multi-vendor headaches with the one-stop convenience of comprehensive services
  • Provide detailed documentation at every step of the ITAD process.


Unproductive business space is expensive real estate, making decommissioned technology the most costly kind to own. So take a look at your unused equipment taking up that valuable space and call us today for an IT asset evaluation.

Data Eradication Services

HTG’s software-based sanitization ensures the complete erasure of all data while retaining the device’s ability to be reused or resold. Read more »


HTG optimizes value recovery by intelligently managing your assets to maximize yield. Read more »

E-Waste Recycling

HTG provides R2-RIOS Certified downstream recycling that guarantees responsible, accountable management of all types of e-waste. Read more »

Site Decommissioning

HTG provides best in class ,end-to-end, turnkey site shut-down services nationwide. Read more »

End of Life Lease Returns Management

HTG provides innovative solutions for customers to retire end-of-life leased IT equipment across industries no matter your business size. Read more »

Chain of Custody Management

We are very serious about accountable tracking of all IT assets. HTG’s state-of-the-art inventory system allows tracking of all inventory from pick-up to the time it is re-sold, recycled, or re-deployed.  Whether you are moving a data center, closing down a site or simply retiring some old equipment,  in the event of a breach, this data is worth volumes as it shows the final disposition of assets received.

Asset Tag Removal

Our system also ensures the removal of all asset tags displaying corporate identity, to reduce or eliminate any corporate liability.