Data Eradication Services

On-Site or Off-Site Data Sanitization – Desktop & Data Center Equipment

HTG’s software-based sanitization ensures the complete erasure of all data while retaining the device’s ability to be reused or resold. When security policies require data wiping before equipment leaves your premises, HTG provides reliable, on-site DoD-compliant and documented data sanitization on demand for desktop or data center equipment. Our data wiping technology erases up to 2 times faster than conventional tools and can be scaled to handle up to 100 drives simultaneously. HTG can also provide secure transport to and provide data sanitization in our secure ITAD center.

On-Site and Off-Site Drive & Storage Media Destruction

HTG offers hard drive and storage media destruction. This process renders them useless and unrecoverable. You can choose to have this service performed inside your facility, so your data never leaves your premises. We will then recycle drive components in an environmentally responsible manner. HTG can also provide secure transport to our facility and provide physical destruction in our processing center.

Secure Transport

We use secure box trucks and tamper-proof cages for storage and transportation. You schedule the pick up – and we will be there. Call for a complete rundown of pick up scheduling options available for your convenience.