Warehousing & Logistics

Real estate is expensive and time is money. Consider us as your smart-choice partner for secure storage and comprehensive management of technology assets. As part of our suite of lifecycle services, our real-time warehouse and logistics teams and systems manage a wide variety of complex logistics business models and product verticals.

Contact us to experience an engaged logistics and warehousing partner that is heads above the typical outsourcing solution.

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Nimble and Scalable are two important capabilities our repeat customers value greatly for storage, kitting and deliveries on their schedule, nationwide. Whether it is state-of-the-art secure storage protocols, customized kitting, nationwide same-day shipping, hot spares or returns management, we quickly scale to our customers’ needs. We provide 24/7 emergency services vital to our enterprise customers and partners.

Just-In-Time Deliveries & Customized Logistics Solutions. Our automated logistics center provides comprehensive cost-saving solutions for JIT deliveries and critical, time sensitive IT initiatives across verticals. We have extensive experience customizing solutions for more unique customer requirements from data sensitive warehousing to unpredictable nationwide pilot projects.

We Come to You. We can come to your location, pack up in secure cages, transport in our secure, branded trucks and store – both long term and short term – in our secure warehouses.



High volume fulfillment distribution.     Count on HTG to match inventory to orders with accurate shipping to distribution centers, retail stores  and other cross-vertical customers.  We easily manage all aspects of  inbound orders and inventory; warehouse operations (locations, picking, receiving, kitting, replenishment, cycle-counting, packing, etc.); multi-carrier shipping ; reporting and communications; and interaction with other systems (ERP, websites, EDI, carriers).

We work in real time on the Microsoft technology platform to deliver actionable information to workers, managers and customers via wireless computers/scanners and desktop applications.

HTG is pre-wired to the retail market, suppliers, carriers and other involved parties through an expert collection of partners for EDI, multi-carrier small parcel shipping and managed infrastructure hosting services.

Warehousing Services:

  • Receive, store, order management, repairs, refurbishment, custom kitting, repackaging, shipping
  • Inventory and hot spares management
  • 24/7 emergency services for spare parts inventory and same-day shipping
  • Up-to-date warehouse management system
  • Broom clean room conditions
  • Refurbishment/Repair Center on site
  • Customized kitting/packaging solutions for storage and shipping
  • Professional, monitored storage for sensitive medical equipment
  • Scrapping and recycling
  • Wireless bar code scanning application
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Document imaging
  • Web and Mobile interface
  • Interfaces with several accounting software
  • Customer inventory management
  • Warehouse viewing and inspections on demand
  • Customized and comprehensive reports and document generation
  • Inventory reports for customers and partners

Warehousing Services

Our facilities are supported by a central station alarm and sprinkler monitoring with security personnel providing 24-hour surveillance.

Knowing ahead of time how you will need it, and when you need it is what sets us apart.   Our  experience with ever evolving customer requirements and  seasonal  pressures enables us to flex to accommodate your needs with cost-saving efficiency. Our customized warehousing offerings allows you to pay for the space you actually use according to your needs  as demand valleys and peaks.  Our convenient docking doors give you immediate request-to-destination response support as well.

We are more than an outsourced warehousing solution. You get a warehousing management partner handling vendor and supplier consolidation, intake quality control, and multi-point distribution effortlessly.

Depot and Warehouse Services

We can provide depot coverage throughout the United States with centrally-located warehouse, staging and configuration services in its Washington facilities. Storage space is charged monthly by pallet.  We also provide bonded courier services to ensure accountability and delivery of depot parts in as little as two hours. Warehouse and logistics teams and services include arrangement for return of defective devices, warranty returns and replenishment.

Asset Tracking and Management

Our systems are designed to prepare you for any contingency.    We document each device by serial or tracking numbers and by location, then classify each by criticality and value in order to prioritize for rapid response.  Further assessment includes manufacturer’s support policies, warranty status, spare parts assessment, etc.