Eliminate New Product Chaos.  Your time is valuable thus optimally spent on business & technology strategy rather than surprise deliveries of new and disorganized hardware & peripherals. Pre-deployment kitting is vital to a smooth technology transition and HTG provides full kitting services to limit the amount of time our customers spend organizing new gear post-shipment.

We do this by staging, assembling & boxing all items in a proprietary tried & true system with remarkably error free results. Our proprietary staging system bundles items accurately and rapidly, so related pieces are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as an organized pre-install shipment for fast multi-site deployments nationwide.

With pre-tested and pre-configured units shipped with pre-tested and pre-determined digitalized step-by-step install guides, on-site HTG engineers, techs and our customers have no surprises and a seamless process upon arrival.

White Glove Staging. We know it’s not always ideal to have various devices sporadically arriving at customer sites in preparation for an install. To address this issue, or as a white glove option at customer request, we can stage and ship so that our install technicians are bringing with them all components ready for immediate install. This prevents shrinkage and addresses the troublesome issue of our customers entering the shipping and receiving business with boxes taking up valuable real estate as install dates change according to customer needs.

Turnkey & Broom Clean. Finally, so that our customers can get back to business quickly, we unbox shipments after arrival, cleaning up all shipping debris. HTG techs also remove/recycle boxes so all that’s left is a turn-key system in a broom clean environment.

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