It is a constant . . . in with the new and out with the old.  Like it or not, changing technology is now as inevitable as the sun rising and setting.  Today we are focused on disposal  of retired end-of-lease IT equipment which is not the same as the disposition of owned IT assets. It requires a process adjustment and bang for the buck must be securely and efficiently managed. Why?  Because real estate becomes expensive when it is occupied by retired and unused end-of-lease IT equipment  for any length of time.  Briefly, the retirement of end-of-lease technology involves:

  • Packing and wrapping all end-of-lease technology assets on site
  • Tagging, documenting, labeling, preparing  for shipment
  • Wiping and/or destroying all hard drives/SSD’s
  • Knowledge of and compliance with all federal, state & local regulatory entities
  • Quoting and scheduling shipment
  • Locate purchasers and negotiate sale of IT equipment.

At HTG a significant piece of our business is in the retiring of and purchasing of end-of-lease IT assets.  Check out our service offerings:

  • Pack & Wrap all End of Lease equipment at site and prepare for shipment
    • Dispatch our Pack & Wrap Team
  • Wipe or destroy all hard drives/SSD’s on site if required to maintain data security
    • HIPAA Compliant
    • DOD 5220.22m Data Wipe Process used
      • HTG has portable wiping tools that allow us to do this process securely on-site so your data never leaves your premises
    • Create shipping quote and schedule shipment
    • Purchase end-of-lease IT equipment for repurposing, reselling and no-land-fill recycling
    • Full service ITAD Services at our facilities / Chain of Custody/ Compliance Documentation
    • All related forms supplied:  Custody Release, Wipe Certification and Crushed/Destroyed Equipment

Put your end-of-lease and data sensitive retiring technology in the right hands.  At HTG we Help Retired End-of-Lease Technology Go to the right people at the right time for optimum asset value recovery.

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