Data Center Migrations and Re-locations

Consider HTG as your full service data center relocation expert. We know from decades of experience that critical success factors are numerous and varied, from the complex security protocols & insurance requirements – to minimizing data downtime – to scheduling logistics. At HTG, the project isn’t successful until we’ve reduced your operational risk and virtually eliminated internal IT stress.

Planning & Discovery – Devil is in the Details
We begin the process with a comprehensive inventory of existing data center equipment. We map all cabling, developing clear documentation on how devices are interconnected including detailed labeling schemas. Only after this initial discovery do we begin the planning of the installation of data center equipment at the new site. During re-installation of equipment HTG always uses new mounting hardware right down to the brackets and screws. We ensure that all equipment is re-installed and reconnected to the last detail, so that the customer has to simply power back on to experience a true turnkey result.

Data/Equipment Security Protocols – It doesn’t get Tighter than This
HTG offers secure data center information transportation using highly secure casino-like cash cages with padlocks and US customs seals. This process and equipment type gives our customers additional assurance that once their data sensitive equipment is placed in the cages, the data will never been accessed by anyone other than the customer designated with the secondary access key.

On-site Data Wiping – So it never leaves the Building
Frequently in the relocation process, customers are faced with equipment to be retired. HTG also offers on-site DOD compliant cleansing of fixed disc media to ensure that data on the retired equipment never leaves the data center. This process also documents that your equipment has certified data wipes in compliance with regulatory chain of custody management requirements.
Click here for more information on asset disposition services.

Rapid, Nimble, Scalable – On your Schedule, Not Ours
Rapid movement and HTG’s flexible operational hours are also key – the ability to turn off a data center at 5 p.m. on a Friday night to bring it back up on Saturday in many cases – is an off-hours service regularly provided.

Moving big data is never easy. Whether it’s a few or a few hundred, servers, PCs or other IT equipment, call us to plan your next data center migration with HTG.