Nationwide Rollouts

Getting new technology where it needs to be — on time and ready to go — is more than a project challenge. It can make or break your short-term business goals. We get that. And it provides the focus for every step we take in even the most complex nationwide projects. Our project success comes from a strong understanding of our client environments and decades of prior experience supporting client initiatives across industries. We know how to create efficiencies that significantly lower your installation and system conversion costs. Moreover, we strive to give you an IT project experience that leaves you feeling the job was done on your terms and not your vendor’s.

Technology Upgrade/Refresh/System Conversion Services

HTG capabilities include all aspects of software, hardware and infrastructure upgrades. We work closely with you to scope the project, employing your protocols and language. We utilize our ITIL certified CSI (Continued Service Improvement Model) for managing client resources, providing reporting and reviewing performance for trends to maximize efficiency and value to the client. We use kitting and centralized labor processes to drive efficiencies throughout the upgrade process. Our proprietary process, “Lowest Common Denominator” ensures consistency and dramatically increases speed of install with the majority of technical work completed in our 25,000 sq ft integration and logistics center.

National Rollouts Technician Map
Location of HTG’s technicians

Scalability & Flexibility

Our unique scalability allows us to successfully manage your project needs no matter the size. With our core team of Senior Project Managers and a nationwide network of hand-picked IT installation engineers and technicians, you will have specialized staff at the right place at the right time. Our project teams conduct upgrades considering client’s individual readiness levels and schedule constraints, not always an option under a less experienced systems integrator.

Whether you have one location or 10,000, our deep insights into IT human capital management in nationwide deployments ensures your multi-site rollouts are seamless to your office staff, time and again.

Pre-Rollout Systems Integration Services

We know timing is critical. That’s why we perform imaging, asset tagging, assembly, integration and thorough testing at our facility before deployment. After that, we deliver it to you utilizing our Just-in-Time logistics process for a smooth install and minimal onsite disruption. We take pride in our successes – and continually finish our projects faster – sometimes in one-third the time normally quoted by our competitors.

Multi-vendor Management

Our assigned project managers, located on-site – at the client location – monitor and manage team workload and progress, serving as the primary point of contact. They conduct daily or weekly performance reporting based on client preferences to ensure the upgrade teams are meeting client needs. To you this means a single point of accountability throughout the entire project, completely eliminating the finger-pointing that can occur with multiple vendors.

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